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Aggregates, Soil, Concrete, Asphalt, Brick, Trees/Logs, Tree Debris, Yard Waste, Industrial Organic Waste


Aggregates & Soils

Waste Aggregates and Soils are separated & screened for reuse or disposed of as clean fill material at our certified clean fill disposal site

Industrial Waste

Local Agri-Industrial factory provide us with organic waste byproduct that results from extracting starches from corn. This product is often used as animal feed depending on the quality. However, we received the  burnt waste material that was previously disposed in landfills, and blend this high nitrogen product product with waste wood debris to create an exceptional compost that is either sold as compost or used a soil conditioner in our topsoil production.

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Wood & Yard Waste

We accept all miscellaneous clean untreated wood, including whole trees, logs, stumps, brush, leaves, grass clippings, mulch, and other organic waste. The higher quality wood debris is separated and grinded into our natural hardwood mulch, then some is colorized to produce black, dark brown, gold, and red dyed mulch. And the remaining wood waste is grinded and used as our main source of carbon for composting. 

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